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Synthetic Oil Change for Best Engine Performance

At T&L Synthetics we know that when you are looking to help your vehicle perform at its best, the incredible benefits that synthetic oil provides are always worth mentioning. If you are still wondering if you should get a synthetic oil change in your upcoming oil drain interval then read the following reasons as to why you should start using synthetic oil today.

10 Reasons to Start Using Synthetic Oil Today

  1. Superior lubrication.  The main function that all motor oils have is to lubricate, but the ability to complete this function is greatly affected by the quality of the oil. Synthetic oil completely lubricates all parts of the engine efficiently, offering complete coverage against friction that causes engine wear and tear.
  2. Exceptional chemical stability. The properties of synthetic oil are much more superior to those of other motor oils. The chemical composition of synthetic oil makes it truly resilient to all sorts of factors that would easily alter the components of conventional motor oil.
  3. Protection from cold starts. We know how cold winter gets here in Rapid City, South Dakota. Although it may not get as cold as it used to get a few decades ago, the low temperatures in the winter time are still pretty significant and can compromise the well being of your vehicle.If you use regular motor oil your engine is working without proper lubrication in the cold and it is suffering intensely from damages caused by the friction created in the cold start. When you use synthetic oil with a viscosity grade of 0W you completely protect your engine against these harmful effects in the winter because synthetic oil, unlike regular motor oil, has the ability to react instantly, even in the intense cold.
  4. Increased fuel mileage. This is another of the great advantages of synthetic oil. Synthetic oil improves the level of engine productivity and allows it to function in a more effortless manner. Thus causing the engine to carry out all the functions it needs to  without using up as much fuel to complete them.
  5. Durability and resistance to high temperature. The amazing ability of synthetic oil to withstand all sort of temperatures from freezing cold to penetrating heat makes it ideal for year round use and protection. Whether the heat is caused by friction and harsh driving conditions or by the weather, synthetic oil is not affected by it. Instead, it not only withstands such temperatures but it also aids in cooling down the engine so that it can continue to function without any negative effect caused by the heat.
  6. Minimal to non evaporation loss.  Synthetic oil does not loose any properties in the heat and thus has almost no evaporation loss. Unlike other motor oils that breakdown in the heat and are easily decreased by evaporation, synthetic oil does not suffer from this and you can rest assure that it will last much longer.
  7. Less frequent oil changes. There are many reasons why synthetic oil can go for longer periods without needing to be changed. The beneficial properties of synthetic oil allow it to withstand many changes and resist most factors that cause other motor oils to deteriorate and loose its properties. Due to this resistance the oil can maintain its productive elements for extended time, eliminating the need to be changed as frequently as conventional motor oils.
  8. Eliminates most sludge build up problems. Synthetic oil can help eliminate sludge build up and other small particles that make its way inside the engine. These particles may accumulate causing  residue build up that sticks to different parts of the motor potentially harming and affecting its function.
  9. Improved engine performance. All of the elements that build up the structure of synthetic oil create an ideal support system that allows enhance the function of the engine and improve its performance.
  10. Prolongs engine life. The protection, stability, productivity and lubrication coverage that synthetic oil promotes makes it the most optimal option to help extend the life of your engine.

Synthetic Oil Change in Rapid City, SD

At T&L Synthetics we believe that your vehicle should be provided with the correct products to allow it to last a long time, and be truly efficient throughout its lifetime. That is why we carry only the best and finest products on the market. Amsoil synthetic oil is a great quality product that will maintain your vehicle in top shape and enhance the performance of your engine. Get your synthetic oil change and start using Amsoil today . Call us now at (605) 415-8095.

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