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The Importance of Using High Quality Synthetic Oil

There are several types of motor oils out there, some offer more protection than others, but no motor oil type can truly care for your engine the way Amsoil synthetic oil can. That is why at T&L Synthetics we want to further explain just how important it is to use high quality synthetic oil in your vehicle.

Motor Oil Is Has Many Important Functions

The reason your vehicle needs motor oil is not as simple as you may think. Motor oil is not something that is there just because or to perform one function, it has several important jobs that help the engine work correctly. It lubricates, protects, cools down, and prevents sludge build up in your engine.

Synthetic Oil Offers Superior Lubrication

The main function of motor oil as you may have already known is to lubricate the engine, but this goes a lot further than that. The oil used in your engine must have the ability to protect the engine parts from great amount of friction and the heat caused by it as well as that created by the environment and the driving conditions . The friction that the pieces withstand everyday can be intense. Without motor oil the pieces would not last very long and your engine would fall apart. Synthetic oil provides incredible lubrication, in all sorts of conditions from everyday driving, to harsh weather, and even during intense driving conditions.

Synthetic Oil Lasts Longer Without Compromising Quality

Synthetic oil has the incredible ability to withstand extreme temperatures, it offers protection in very high temperatures and intense cold. As well as the most durable benefits even after long use it still maintains its properties much more efficiently than other motor oils. That is why it is ideal to use in all kinds of engines and vehicles. Regardless of the age of the vehicle, driving conditions or weather synthetic oil will provide the most complete coverage, prolonged protection and enhance the performance of your engine.

Synthetic Oil Change in Rapid City

Do not put your engine at risk, use only the best when it comes to synthetic oil, use Amsoil. The outstanding advantages of Amsoil synthetic oil will prolong engine durability and improve its performance. Contact us today and find out more on how to properly care for your engine. Call (605) 415-8095 now.

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