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How to Check the Oil and Why Start Using Synthetic

It is not an overstatement to say that without motor oil your vehicle would not last more than a few minutes, maybe an hour at most. The motor oil is the life of your engine. No oil means an unprotected engine, that will soon breakdown, no engine, no running vehicle, and a car that can´t be driven is not very useful. Yes, we are sure you have heard all of this before at least a few times, but we cannot overstate the importance of motor oil and oil changes. For that reason, we want to further discuss how important it is to make sure that the oil in your vehicle is properly working and how to adequately check your oil.

Why Your Vehicle Needs Synthetic Oil for Better Protection

Lubrication is the main reason that motor oil even exists, the engine needs lubrication and motor oil is the way to provide it. In a previous post we throughly discussed friction and the importance of quality lubrication. However, lubrication is not the only job that motor oil has, it also helps cool off the engine and even stablize the acidity within the engine. Amsoil 100% synthetic oil offers these and many other advantages. Amsoil provides the highest level of lubrication, complete resistance against all harmful factors, allows the engine to stay sludge free and the benefits that it provides surpass those of all other motor oils. Go to our Amsoil online store to view all our products and choose the right one for your vehicle, or contact us here.

Why Checking the Oil Is Important

Regularly checking the oil in your vehicle will allow you to prevent many dangerous malfunctions, it can also help you detect any other related problems that may need professional attention. The amount of oil will let you know if you need to add more and the state of the oil can indicate if the oil needs to be changed. A brownish or dark color may be normal but a  very deep black tone that is not very clear or translucent may mean the oil should be replaced. Also, if the oil presents a gooey appearance along with dirty or smudgy feel then it needs to be changed as soon as possible.

How to Check the Oil and What to Look For

When checking the oil all you need to do is let the car cool if it has been driven for a while, just enough so that the oil isn´t so hot that it can burn you. Then locate the dipstick, pull it out, wipe it and place it inside again, pull it out and you will see the oil leave a mark on the dipstick, that mark indicates the level or amount of oil inside that your vehicle currently has. Most dipsticks have two lines with indications that say ADD or FULL. Some older models just have the two lines, when placed upright the bottom line indicates that the oil level is low and the top mark indicates that it is full. If the oil left a mark below the top line and well above the bottom one, it means you could probably add a bit more to be sure, if the oil is closer to the lower mark you definitely need to add more oil. Not having enough oil will cause the engine to not work as effectively and reduce its performance, wearing out the engine parts and because it will have to work harder it will break down more easily.  Checking the oil every two weeks or at least once a month can help you detect if your engine is losing oil too fast. It is not normal for an engine to require that oil be added very frequently and  may indicate other problems such as leaks, broken seals or a worn out hose.

Less Oil Change Intervals With Synthetic Oil in Rapid Valley

The type of oil that you use also makes a difference as conventional oil tends to evaporate and break down faster and much more easily than synthetic oil. This means it will need to be replaced sooner and will require that you add more oil more often. Avoid all these problems with a synthetic oil change. A T&L Synthetics we have the best synthetic oil on the market and the highest quality products for the maintenance of your engine. Call us today at (605) 415-8095 and learn how Amsoil full synthetic oil can help you save.  

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