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The functions of the engine are crucial to keep your car running, and one of the most important parts of the engine is the lubrication system, as this allows it to carry out its function correctly. Today at T&L Synthetics we want to share with you some important information on the lubrication system, how it works and why it performs best when you get a synthetic oil change.

Engine Protection Against Friction With Synthetic Oil

The car is able to run, thanks to the engine that converts gasoline into fuel and allows it to move and drive places. It requires several parts and pieces inside the engine to move, turn and be in constant motion, in order for the engine to keep your vehicle running.  These parts are continuously moving when the engine is working, and must slide against each other leading them to create contact with one another. The contact and sliding between the moving parts creates friction.

How Friction Affects Your Engine

Friction is not a positive thing when it come to your engine.  When there is friction between the moving parts of the engine, the parts scrape and roughly rub against each other. This results in constant wear or immediate tear, depending on how severe and prolonged the friction is.  It can lead to the engine pieces breaking down or wearing out, wrecking your engine, and causing your vehicle to become inoperable. This nasty scenario, is prevented with the help of the lubrication system, which assists the engine in ideally eliminating, or at least reducing the terrible effects of friction.

The Lubrication System of Your Engine

As the name itself states, the lubrication system, lubricates the engine pieces. It´s job is to make sure that oil is continuously pumped to the engine parts that need friction protection. The oil then coats those parts with a richly smooth film of sleek fluid, allowing the parts to easily and comfortably slide against each other while they remain in motion, without having to scrape and scratch to keep moving.

Synthetic Oil Changes Keep Your Engine Well Lubricated

Now, how well the lubrication job is done, depends on two things; the oil and the parts of the lubrication system. The most important one, is the type of oil that is used. This is why it is critical that the right oil is used and that it is one that can offer true protection and sufficient lubricational coating. Full synthetic oil offers the most superior lubrication protection and the right coverage regardless of the temperature or harsh conditions that the engine may face. Other motor oil types cannot offer such constant lubrication at all times, as they tend to be badly affected by factors such as heat or intense cold. Read our top ten reasons to get a synthetic oil change, for more information on why a synthetic oil change is the best way to protect your engine against the destructive effects of friction. Look for quality 100% synthetic oil such as Amsoil, and be sure to contact us, to purchase this and many other products that can help preserve your engine in great conditions.

How the Lubrication System of Your Car Works

The second component that affects how well an engine is lubricated, is the lubrication system itself, and is composed of the pickup tube, the oil pump, the pressure relief valve, the oil filter, the spurt holes and galleries and the oil pan. The oil is transported from the oil pan and into the pickup tube by the oil pump. The oil pump can suction out a large amount of oil, in order to make sure that there is enough oil lubricating the engine, and the pressure relief valve is there to prevent the excess of oil pressure from harming the engine.  Once it travels from the pickup tube into the oil filter it is ready to be spread out to lubricate. Through the spurt holes and galleries the oil is evenly dispersed to coat the engine pieces that need friction protection and once they are lubricated the oil returns to the oil pan where the entire process is repeated continuously, while the engine is on.

The Best Synthetic Oil Near Me in Box Elder

As you can see each piece and every part of the engine and the lubrication system play an important role in keeping your vehicle running, and maintaining each of these components in good working order is a necessity. Purchase the best products for your the maintenance of your engine in our Amsoil online store. Call us directly at (605) 415-8095 and buy a leading quality full synthetic oil.

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