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Interesting Information on The History of Synthetic Oil

Being aware of all the benefits of synthetic oil can help you make smarter choices when it comes to your vehicle and oil changes. At T&L Synthetics, we have discussed several factors of synthetic oil changes and its many benefits, but today we want to dig a little deeper and tell you more about the origins of synthetic oil and how this incredible product came to be.

The Idea of Synthetic Oil Came to Be During the Early 1900s

With the development of the first engines and fueled power vehicles, motor oil started to become an important concept. Yet, the actual idea of synthesized lubricants became better known around the late 1800s and early 1900s. In Germany Friedrich Karl Rudolf Bergius, an industrial chemist, started working constantly in the synthesizing process. He eventually became known best for generating synthetic fuel from coal. However, his studies and process of production paved the way for synthetic oil production.

The Journey to Create a Better Motor Oil

Later on other German researchers started to work in creating different types of alterations that would help create a synthetic type of oil that could be resistant and resilient. Several different attempts took place in the journey to produce synthetic oil, all sorts of esters and poly esteres were utilized and tested. Although it was a long journey, today we are able to enjoy the benefits of synthetic oil in our vehicles and everyday machines. Amsoil synthetic oil, can provide many benefits for you and your engine, read more about its advantages here. Start using the most effective motor oil on the market, contact us immediately.

The War Created an Urgent Need for Better Motor Oil

While in Germany they were working on developing synthetic oil, in America another chemist was trying to synthesize esters and diesters for the specific use in vehicles. With the arrival of World War II, both German and Americans became even more determined to produce an efficient oil that could be effectively used in the jets used to fight. There were several problems with the petroleum based motor oil that the jet engine used, and these problems needed to be taken care of. One of those problems was the fact that the jet engines needed to be warmed up for a certain period of time before it could effectively take off without problems, and after constant use the heat in the engine would alter and affect the oil.

Synthetic Oil is Effectively Used During the War in Jet Engines

Due to the war, synthetic oil became a more valuable prospect for both parties since the petroleum resources were becoming limited and harder to work with. Many discoveries took place and soon German and American jet fighters started using synthetic oil in their jet engines. The results they had were truly incredible. The jet engines started performing much better and they saw many improvements in both the resistance against the heat and the cold. The oil no longer broke down and lost important lubrication properties in the heat, and during cold mornings the engines would start much faster, and smoother without having to wait for it to warm up.

Synthetic Oil Proved its Value

Once the war was over, synthetic oil had truly proven its importance in jet engines, it had also given many jet fighters the chance to experience the advantages first hand. One of those jet fighters was  Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio. He had been closely noticing all these incredible benefits and improvements that synthetic oil provided for the jet engines in action. He became truly intrigued and began promptly researching and investigating more, he realized the great value of synthetic oil and how it could be truly useful in everyday vehicles and machines. Finally after conducting several investigations around the beginning of the 1960s he started supplying synthetic oil for vehicles under different names. In 1972 a great breakthrough took place, AMSOIL was awarded the recognition as the very first synthetic motor oil to meet API (American Petroleum Institute) service requirements.

Synthetic Oil Change Near Me in Sturgis

In the present, all manufacturers are well aware of the great worth that synthetic oil has for every vehicle and machine. In fact most car manufacturers in Europe test and fill the cars they build with synthetic oil. Try out the first and finest synthetic oil in the world and get your synthetic oil change today so your engine can truly start performing at its best. To purchase Amsoil synthetic oil today call us now at (605) 415-8095.

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